Karen Hall, Ph.D. (Psy #16803)
Clinical and Consulting Psychologist

Karen Hall, Ph.D. (Psy #16803)
Clinical and Consulting Psychologist

Individual, Couples And Group Therapy Services

Dr. Hall provides counseling services for individuals, couples and groups struggling with all dimensions of infertility. In addition to infertility counseling, Dr. Hall provides a complete range of psychological services associated with alternative family building including psychological assessments of donors and surrogates, consultations, and ongoing pregnancy support sessions for surrogates and intended parents.

Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

  • Infertility counseling with a qualified therapist can help you restore a sense of control and well-being in your life.
  • Therapy can help reduce feelings of overwhelming grief, longing, depression, isolation and anxiety.
  • Counseling can help reduce physical symptoms you may be experiencing, such as insomnia, fatigue, headache or abdominal pain.

Couples Counseling

  • Through couples counseling, learn how to support one another through infertility challenges.
  • Find ways to leave your anxieties behind and enjoy each other.
  • Learn how to work together to keep your marriage intact.

Group Counseling

  • Gain tips, suggestions and empathy from others who understand your situation, challenges and frustrations firsthand.
  • Gain perspective on your own situation.

Strategies To Gain Control

  • Through supportive counseling, learn stress management and intensive relaxation skills.
  • Learn how to develop a plan of action to assist in decision making when it comes to infertility, pregnancy, reproduction issues or surrogacy and third-party family building.
  • Learn to turn reoccurring negative thoughts into positive thoughts using proven techniques, such as cognitive restructuring.
Center For Infertility Counseling and Support

New Support Groups

Dr. Hall is pleased to announce that support groups are now forming. Click the corresponding link for a flyer: