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Infertility Counseling - Infertility Support
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Infertility Counseling and Support

The journey of infertility can be an emotional, physical and financial life crisis for even the most balanced of individuals. 

Infertility Counselor Karen Hall, Ph.D

Karen Hall, Ph.D

If you are trying to have a baby and hoping negative pregnancy test after negative pregnancy test that you'll finally test positive and be pregnant, you are not alone.  One out of every six couples in the US will have trouble getting pregnant or will miscarry.

Dr. Hall's TV Interview

Licensed Psychologist Karen Hall, Ph.D. provides compassionate, supportive therapy services. She specializes in all dimensions of pregnancy loss, miscarriage as well as all dimensions of individual and group infertility counseling. Dr. Hall provides counseling for individuals and couples interested in third party family-building, including surrogacy and egg donation and was featured as part of a special, Creating Your Family that aired on San Diego's News 10.

Click to View a Video of Dr. Hall's Interview with Carol LeBeau

Dr. Hall's Radio Interview

Dr. Hall was also featured in a radiocast for the show, "Your Time with Kim Iverson" in an interview titled The Strains of Infertility.

Click to Hear the Podcast (MP3) of Dr. Hall's Interview with Kim Iverson

Dr. Hall's Online Interview

Dr. Hall was also interviewed by Erin Miserlis, San Diego Infertility & Miscarriage Examiner on

Click to View a Reprint (PDF) of Dr. Hall's Online Interview with Erin Miserlis

Issues often addressed in counseling with Dr. Hall include:

  • Finding ways to cope with the depression, anxiety and daily stress of infertility.
  • Making difficult decisions about your fertility.
  • Talking to friends and family about your infertility.
  • Resolving conflict and maintaining a strong relationship with your partner.


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Infertility Counseling - Infertility Support


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